Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

Paid, hands-on experience conducting research and attending conferences

NSF Logo The VECTR Lab at SJSU (PI: Dr. David Schuster) is seeking two undergraduate students to serve as paid research assistants on an NSF-funded research project. We are conducting research to improve cybersecurity by understanding the thinking and behavior of the people involved. So far, this research has suggested ways to improve cybersecurity by training cybersecurity professionals, introducing people to cybersecurity careers, and empowering the public to be safer online.

Your Role

You will assist with the next steps in this research by developing and running your own training validation study based on the research findings. You'll get hands-on experience with all aspects of the research process.




Selection Process

Apply to the VECTR REU Program

Any questions, concerns, or issues with the application? Contact Dr. David Schuster.