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Collaborate with Us

Under the leadership of Dr. David Schuster, the VECTR Lab conducts research on human cognition and performance in complex, safety critical domains such as cybersecurity, healthcare, and aviation.


The VECTR Lab is housed in the Department of Psychology at San José State University. Our physical facilities include research work space and human-subjects research facilities. In a typical semester, the lab serves aproximately 20 undergraduate and graduate students. Our capabilities include:

For Students

Please visit vectrlab.net/join.

In order to better serve SJSU students, I cannot mentor high school students or volunteers who have already graduated (postbacc) through the lab.

For Industry Professionals

We are seeking cybersecurity professionals in organizations of any size to participate in our knowledge elicitation research. Visit our recuitment web site or contact Dr. Schuster if you may be able to help.

For Academics

We are interested in collaborations with researchers that would allow us to collaborate on large, multi-institution projects.